Lying on the deck of a yacht with your fiancé, watching the sunset over the horizon. The waves lapping at the boat as you drift away into sleep. This is what many people imagine their wedding day to be like – and there’s no better way to make that happen than by getting married on a yacht!  A marriage ceremony on the water provides guests with an unforgettable experience that they’ll talk about for years to come, and will create memories that last forever. Let’s look at how you can make that happen.

Why Choose a Yacht

Having your wedding on the water will not only feel romantic, but it will provide a feeling of adventure and class. The breathtaking views from warm sunny shores to deep blue oceanic waters can be seen as you enjoy this life-changing event with friends and family in tow aboard our first-class vessels.  To make sure that every guest has an unforgettable time at sea a charter offers everything they need – including food service catering options so there’s never any worry about what might happen if something goes wrong!

Photos to Die For

Most weddings have a ceremony and then the wedding party takes off to a local hot spot to take some staged photos in great scenery before the reception.  When you book a yacht you can have amazing photos throughout the entire ceremony and all through the reception after.  Getting married on the deck gives you a 360 view of the water with great photos from every angle.

All-Inclusive Pricing

Weddings aren’t cheap and there are all kinds of businesses that you will be writing checks to, from the caterers to the florists.  By booking a charter you can combine many of these services all into one by having your wedding on a yacht.  Aside from just how magnificent a yacht wedding would be it includes things like catering, flowers, entertainment, and of course the venue itself.  If you add all of those expenses together you may actually save money chartering a yacht.  Not only that but there is far less work for the bride and the wedding planner trying to pull everything together.  You also won’t have to worry as much about getting the date that you want.  It is a perfect solution.

Your wedding day is one of the biggest milestones in your life, chartering a yacht for your special day can make the event amazing.  It’s an event that you and your family will talk about for years.  Talk to a charter specialist to see how they can make your wedding even more memorable.